Posted by EarthDragon on 16th July 2015.

For anyone who needs to contact me, or who wishes to express an interest in joining the game, wishes to notify of an error they've found, or who wishes to ask for clarification of some piece of information on the site, this page provides a number of ways to contact me.


The simplest way to contact me, as well as the most flexible, is by email at This is the general email for this site and for the EarthDragon domain in general. If I get to know and like you, you'll get my personal email as well. However, the risk always exists with email that either it will get eaten by the junk mail filter, get lost in the throng of other messages in my inbox, or will simply vanish into the nearest black hole, travel through time and space only to emerge in an alternate reality where humans are completely dominated and ruled by their feline overlords. For this reason, alternate contact methods are available below.

RPG Crossing

All of my on-line campaigns are run using the RPG community located at RPG Crossing. On that site, I use the handle "earthdragon", and it is possible to send me private messages from within the site, if you are already registered on that site (which, lets face it, you already are if you're already in one of my games). For those wishing to join one of my on-line campaigns, you will need to register with RPG Crossing and create a userid in order to be able to participate in the game. For those who play with me in a face-to-face setting (I also run the same settings face-to-face when I can scare up enough gamers in my local area, which is pretty hard sometimes), then chances are you have my number, or you can use the email link above.

Social Media

I use some social media sites and apps, so sometimes it might be easier to contact me through those. However, while I check my social media regularly, I currently don't often post or send things through them, though that may change over time. However, feel free to contact me using the handles below.

Facebook: Alexander Dick.
Twitter: @earthdragon25
Instagram: earthdragon2525 - there's currently not a lot to see here, as I simply can't be bothered photographing my life and uploading it, however, I do follow a number of people and try to follow social media friends.

I don't currently use any other social media or contact methods (other than the ubiquitous smart phone), but it is usually easy enough to get hold of me through any of the above.