Welcome to EarthDragon

This site is a place to house the various gaming content, house rules and world information for Dungeons & Dragons campaigns developed and run by EarthDragon (also known as Alex).

The site will carry all current campaign worlds, any rules associated with them, and any news items related to active campaigns. It will also host past campaigns that were started after mid-2015 once they wind down and reach conclusion. A "finished" campaign may, however, reopen again in the future if there is still enough interest, though it may be set at a different point in history when it reopens, though old material from that setting will still be available in the archives.

Content for current campaigns will be updated regularly with in-game news and events, as well as rumours, hooks, plots and other fun stuff that the players in the campaign will need in order to keep abreast of the game.

In parallel with this, information on new and upcoming campaigns will be released and gradually revealed as it is developed, and will be available for interested players who might wish to join that campaign.

Most campaigns outlined here will be run through the play-by-post system of the on-line RPG community hosted at RPG Crossing, which is free to use and will host the actual "play" of each campaign. Material here represents campaign background, maps, events, news, house rules and material specific to that particular campaign. In other words, everything the player needs to know to play a character effectively in that setting.

RPG Material

d20 System

The RPG campaign material here is Open Game Content, and is licensed for public use under the terms of the Open Game License v1.0a

The content produced on this site is either drawn from the d20 System, created by Alex using the d20 System, or adapted from earlier game sources produced by The Wizards of the Coast and converted to the d20 System. All such material is produced purely for the purpose of facilitating and running of campaigns run by Alex for players all over the world using the on-line resources of the RPG Crossing website or for players playing locally with Alex in person. Such material is not intended to infringe on the rights of any original producer of the content and is only rarely taken "as-is" and is often considerably revised and adapted to suit the specific needs of a particular campaign. All such material is referenced on each page with appropriate copyright material and it is noted whether a particular piece is original or adapted. At this time, the content is publically available through this site to all who come to the site in order to facilitate the gaming experience. Should any issues arise with this, the content will be moved to a private area of the site restricted to those individuals who actively play in any of Alex's campaigns through a registration process.