Current RPG Campaigns

The Chosen of the Unification (CotU)

" Welcome to The Unification, the oldest confederation of peoples on the entire planet!

All the other such groupings have long since been swallowed by the darkness.

As a native, you live within the bounds of the main grouping of settlements that forms the heartland of the Unification. Unfortunately, you are only a Civilian, not a Citizen, so you have virtually no rights. You have no rights to property, your housing is provided by the government of the Unification, and the standards have been slipping continually for the last three hundred years under the crushing pressure of the endless war being waged with The Fallen.

It is because of The Fallen that there are no other confederations of peoples left in the world other than the Unification.

Like your housing, your food and clothing is also provided by the government; bland, dry food and plain, uniform clothing. Life is lived under curfew, troops patrol the streets, and Civilians are randomly rounded up, hauled off and made to perform all kinds of labour under the strict supervision of overseers who are not shy of using whips and cudgels to ensure compliance with orders and rapid work. "

This campaign is currently under development, however, a selection of completed material has already been posted to allow prospective players to learn about the world and get an understanding of the campaign.

The campaign has an extensive background, numerous campaign-specific rules and options, 38 character races, 29 main character classes, and 22 prestige classes available. The campaign is intended to take characters from level 1 right up into the epic levels. The story is quite complex and will take a long time for the characters to unravel, and the truth behind it all may not be quite what the characters expect when they eventually get there. The story has elements that will appeal to players who like a well-developed and supported story, those who like the hack and slash of combat, those who like intrigue and mystery, and even those who like to set up their thermo-nuclear mage and let them loose on the unsuspecting multiverse. In short, it will have something for everyone, and will provide plenty of option for the development of complex characters who will become integral to the world and ultimately achieve great fame (or infamy). The story is open and flexible enough to allow players to develop their characters how they would like, and to follow the thread that most interests them, whether they want to be the good guys (like in most campaigns), the bad guys, or something in between.

Current plans are for the campaign to start in around early September 2015 mid 2017 (my time-lines blew out immensely as Life interfered greatly, largely due to the demon known as Work).

Keep an eye out for updates on the release date here, and click on the Unification Flag above to enter the site and review the material currently available, and keep an eye on the News link within the CotU site.

Future Campaigns

Azzaleen II

The next planned campaign to be posted here will be the next Azaleen campaign, set in the same world as the previous Azaleen campaign (not available on-line as it pre-dates this site by several years), but set in a different time.

The original Azaleen material needs to be adapted, converted to an on-line format, and updated to reflect the new time period in which the campaign takes place. Current plans are for this campaign to begind development around September 2015, with a view to launching the campaign in December 2015, or January 2016 (depending on time frames and availability of the material) around 6-12 months after the launch of The Chosen campaign (see the note on timeline for the above campaign for explanation of timeline blowout).