Maps of The Unification

Posted by EarthDragon on 11th October 2015.

This page holds all of the player maps for the campaign as it progresses.

Initially, there are 9 world maps which, together, mape up The Unification and the surrounding area (presently only two are completed). The maps are on a grid of 1-3 from west to east and A-C fropm north to south. Thus, 1A is the north-west of the known world map area, while 1B is the western area immediately to the south of it, etc.

As play progresses, other maps revealed to the characters during the game will be posted here for future reference, though combat maps will only be posted for the duration of the combat, after which they will be taken down and archived.

World Maps

CotU Player Map 1A

CotU Player Map 1B

CotU Player Map 1B