Chosen of the Unification

Latest News & Updates - 16th July 2015.

Posted by EarthDragon on 16th July 2015.

Well folks, I'm working as quickly as I can, given my time constraints, but still not going fast enough for my taste. However, now the site is at least up and, if most of the pages still point to a construction page, at least the basic framework is there!

What Works

A number of the menu items do work, and do point to live, final data.

As you can see, the page defaults to the latest news bulletin when you first arrive. Clicking on "News" will expand that menu, and will show a link for "Current" news, and a list of archived dates. The most recent dated item will always be the same as the "Current" news item page, it's my way of making sure I archive something before I overwrite it with newer news items and realise that I forgot to archive before I started.....

However, as more news items are released, the list of items in the menu will grow, and relatively recent bulletins will be listed under the link for the current news page. Once the menu starts getting long, however, I will have an "Archives" menu item, that will take you to a page where all previous news items ever posted will be available. The idea is that if a player forgets some news, or needs to think back to something relevant in the in-game news, it will all be there at your fingertips (and mine), so that nothing relevant is lost or forgotten. For the moment though, since this is the first news item, the oldest news item, and the current news item as at this date, the "Current" and "16th July 2015" news pages are identical. For now.

The "Introduction" menu option also works, and takes you to a page that gives a very brief introduction to The Unification.

The "Background" menu item, like the "News" menu, will expand to a list of topics. Some of these work and contain the full and final text for those topics, while others still redirect to a "construction" page, and still others have some of the final content up, but are also still being developed and added to. Where possible, I am trying to load entire pages, but some pages involve a lot of sub-items, some of which are complete, and others of which aren't. So I'm just loading the whole page and updating it as I add new content. Specifically, the "Society" link works and links to a completed page. Also, the "Politics" link will take you to the political landscape page, but not all content has been completed here yet, though the placeholders are there for everything that is planned to appear on this page. Specifically, you can read about the different political bodies within The Unification in the first section, but the detail on the political parties is not there yet, so those buttons just display a blank placeholder for now. These will be updated soon.

The "Rules" menu option expands into a list of sub-menu options. Of these, the "Characters" and "The Red Curse" menu items will also expand to sub-menu items. Of these sub-menu items, only the sub-menus under "The Red Curse" actually work. The content on the "Basic Effects" page is complete and final. The content on the "Legacies" page is about half done at this stage, but placeholders are there for all items that have not yet been concluded. The and "The Magical Substances" link does not work as of the 16th July 2015. This will be completed soon, and all details of The Red Curse will be up there within the next week or so.

Along the top menu bar, the "EarthDragon", "RPG Campaigns", and "Contact" menu options work, with the "EarthDragon" link taking you to the top-level site containing all of my campaigns currently available on-line, the "RPG Campaigns" link taking you to the parent page that lists the current RPG campaigns available, and the "Contact" page taking you to brief contact details for me.

& What Doesn't

The rest of the menu items on the site within the left side menu are not completed, and they redirect to a placeholder "under construction" page. As these get created and loaded up, there will be news items in relation to these pages, and the news menu will start getting news archives added. Eventually, they will all work, and the site will be fully live. After that date, all other news items will be almost exclusively in-game news events, rumours and trivia that will reflect the current state of the world.

The "People of The Unification" menu option currently redirects to a construction placeholder, as does the "Errata" menu option. Eventually, these will work, and the Errata page will contain a series of links to any errata pages that address specific points. Where errata exist on a particular page, the original page will always reflect the error, but will have a link indicating which errata page addresses that error. News items will also announce any errata detected and will have a link to the relevant errata page. It will always be possible to access both the original (and erroneous) rule or piece of information, and the correction to that information, for historical purposes and to assist with adjudication of any disputes, errors, or warring factions.