Chosen of the Unification

Latest News & Updates - 09th August 2015.

Posted by EarthDragon on 9th August 2015.

Well folks, I'm working as quickly as I can, given my time constraints, but still not going fast enough for my taste. However, new updates have been uploaded today, reflecting the last couple of week's worth of work.

What Works

I have finally finished entering all the Legacy descriptions and updated the Legacy tables in the Red Curse pages. This is found on the Rules menu, the Red Curse sub-menu, and then the Legacies sub-menu under that, and this page is now, as of today, considered finished. I am now working on the page dealing with the magical substances. Some information on specific types of items (such as red steel armour) will have general information on the substances page, and more specific information on an equipment page, which has not been added into the menu structure yet.

For some flavour, I have also uploaded some more content relating to the world itself, and the culture of the world. Note that the information here relates specifically to the area known as The Unification, and does not contain much information (other than biased Unification perceptions) of surrounding lands. This is largely because, as far as the people of The Unification are aware, there basically is nowhere outside The Unification that is not overrun by The Fallen. Whether this is true or not will be for the campaign to reveal.

Currently under development are the world maps. This is a large exercise as there are many, many million square miles of terrain in the world, the majority of which, the party will probably never see during this particular run of the campaign, though stranger things have happened. As well as the areas outside the players' ken, I am working on player-level maps of the known world, ranging from the fairly specific for the area around the capital where play starts, to the general for the rest of The Unification. Once I have players enrolled and know more about their backgrounds, each player will get a personalised map of the region they grew up in, before being enlisted into The University. This will reflect local knowledge at the time the character left home, and may be subject to some change from the intervening years, but not much variation. Thus, a diverse group of characters of a reasonable number could, conceivably, develop a reasonably accurate map to a fair level of detail of a large area within The Unification. There are, of course, more detailed maps of everywhere for the use of myself and the co-DM. For those who are interested, all the maps for this campaign are being generated with ProFantasy Software's Campaign Cartographer 3 and Dungeon Designer 3, to create some quite nifty maps. As they become available, maps will be uploaded to the site.

Under the BackGround menu, the sub-menu Organisations has been completed and is now a working link. This details some of the different societies and organisations within The Unification (twenty-five of them, to be precise). This by no means suggests that these are the only societies and groups within The Unification, nor does it suggest that they all exist. Much of the information is drawn from romour and hearsay, and some of it is undoubtedly completely fanciful. Still, it makes an interesting read, and it gives an idea of the level of knowledge that most characters would have of the machinations of secret and not-so-secret groups within The Unification.

Finally, under the Background menu, the sub-menu Religion is now working and contains basic information about the deities worshipped in The Unification. The information focuses mainly on play-related information, but there is little in the way of mythology up at the moment. This is because each character will likely know different legends, and will only know legends about Nol-Reth and maybe a few other deities. The near-universal knowledge of Nol-reth and the wide veneration of her above other gods is explained in the Religion page, and is indicative of why most people know some (but usually different) legends about her. The aim is to provide details of some of these legends to players based on their character's race, class, identity and background - you should all get an individualised set of myths, some of which may be similar to those given to others, but which will have some points of difference. That concludes this round of "what works" for the page, with other content currently under development, expansion, or conversion to web format.

& What Doesn't

The rest of the menu items on the site within the left side menu are not completed, unless they appeared in the previous update, and they redirect to a placeholder "under construction" page. As these get created and loaded up, there will be news items in relation to these pages, and the news menu will start getting news archives added. Eventually, they will all work, and the site will be fully live. After that date, all other news items will be almost exclusively in-game news events, rumours and trivia that will reflect the current state of the world.