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Posted by EarthDragon on 1st September 2015.

Well, it's the first day of spring (in my part of the world at least), or autumn, for most of you (which, for some reason, some of you call "fall"), and today sees a pretty large dump of rules-type material onto the site.

What Works

Almost all of the character rules and house rules are now up for perusal, with the main exceptions being the classes available and the rules about advantage and disadvantage.

With regard to the rules regarding character creation, under the Character menu, the following sub-menus are now functional and contain all of the relevant material: Abilities, Description (covering such factors as height, weight, age, etc.), Flaws, Traits, Skills, Feats, and the Feat Tables listing all of the feats available in the campaign. The feat tables are presented in alphabetical order and, while English is my first, second and third language (with my fourth being a smattering of Welsh and my fifth being a sprinkling of Hindi - truly!), there are somewhere on the order of two hundred feats listed, so I may have a couple out of order (since the tables they were adapted from were not in alphabetical order.

Under the House Rules menu, the sub-menus of Craft Points, Action Points and Injury, Death & Healing have been completed and contain all relevant material. This is particularly important as the Chosen Of The Unification campaign does not use the hit point system of standard d20 system and, instead, uses the vitality and wound point system introduced in the 3.5 sourcebook Unearthed Arcana. The relevent information is covered in this link so that players may create and play characters in this campaign without difficulty.

& What Doesn't

The world maps are still under development, and there are none yet quite ready for release, though some should be available soon. The Unification itself covers an area roughly the same size (actually a little larger) as the United States, so there is a fair bit of mapping for me to do just with that area, let alone the areas around it and the rest of the world that may become relevant over the life of the campaign.

The rest of the menu items on the site within the left side menu are not completed, unless they appeared in the previous update, and they redirect to a placeholder "under construction" page. The next few releases will focus on a specific menu at a time (such as completing the Magic menu and any relevant sub-menus that are not currently showing), along with some campaign background material and one or more classes in each release. The remainder of the classes will have placeholder pages until they are ready for release. Classes will be among the last things to be completely uploaded, partly because there are so many and there is so much work involved (all those fiddly tables), and partly because I don't want players to be ready to game in the world before the world is ready to game in them.