Combined Spell Lists

Posted by EarthDragon on 11th October 2015.

This page provides links to the pages listing all allowed spells for each class from across the allowed source books. This includes spells from the sourcebooks indicated below. At current posting, the san-li and veratni/vraedun lists are still works in progress as they are still having the spells from the Spell Compendium integrated into their lists. As there are close to 1,000 spells in the Spell Compendium, and most of them appear in one or both of the lists and it is somewhat time consuming to conver the lists from the tables in the source books into HTML for these pages, I am not sure how long that will take, but I hope to have them complete soon.

Source Books: CA = Complete Arcane; CD = Complete Divine; CW = Complete Warrior; DM = Dragon Magic; OA = Oriental Adventures; PHB = Players' HandBook; SC = Spell Compendium

Draetha Spells

Draetha spells focus on the draetha's special relationship with nature and all its forces. Draetha gain access to all of the Cosmos "domain" spells, but also gain access to one elemental domain defined by their guarded lands, for example, a druid guarding a sacred dell in the mountains with a waterfall might choose either water, earth or air as their added domain.

Fedaykin Spells

Fedaykin spells are geared toward prosecuting the holy jihad against the Fallen, and many of the spells are specifically targeted against The Fallen as a result. The selection of spells is not large, but will expand as new spells are created for the cause.

Forreska Spells

Forreska spend much of their time among nature, as do the draetha, and they also acquire animal companions who hunt, fight and travel with them. Their spells reflect this and are similar to many of the weaker draetha spells.

Hekhmani Spells

Hekhmani do not have a great spell selection, but their spells work well with their other powers and augment their basic cursed nature. Other spells may be possible over time as other casters develop new spells that work well with their power.

San-li Spells (incomplete)

San-li are the ultimate spell casters. They have the widest range and scope of all casters, the longest lists of spells, and the best researchers always busily creating yet more spells. There will be more spells added over time as the secrets of the Spell Compendium are unlocked and begin to flow into The Unification and into the libraries of the san-li.

Savant Spells

Savants learn both arcane and divine magics in their thirst for knowledge, but master neither, just as they gain knowledge of class features of a range of classes but truly master none of them. Their spell lists are the most restricted at this stage, but this will expand as savants within The Unification become exposed to the spells of others and learn from the libraries and lost tomes they find on their adventures and in their studies, and their lists will broaden in time, though they will always be limited to some degree.

Shokatsu Spells

Shokatsu are somewhat more limited in their spells than their vraedun brethren, largely due to their elemental focus, however, in recent times, they have begun to examine the elemental nature underlying apparently unrelated spells, such as the fire in lightning and the air in illusion and the water in healing and have begun to expansd their spell lists. This trend will no doubt continue over time.

Veratni/Vraedun Spells

Veratni and Vraedun, whilst distinct classes, use the same spell lists, as they are both essentially priests of the gods, the main difference being whether they access their power because they are the faithful and deveoted vraedun priesthood or whether they are the favoured souls of the veratni that the gods themselves directly grant power to. The have the widest range of divine spells available to them, and the range of spells does expand from time to time as prayer and meditation reveal new ways to manipulate the divine energies to better serve the gods.

Wau-ken Spells

Of all the arcane casters, the wau-ken have the most limited spell list, but it is also the most targeted at destruction and war. More spells will be added to this list as san-li spells that are appropriate to this list are discovered and are converted over by wau-ken scholars working to improve the deadliness and effectiveness of the wau-ken war machine.

Wu Jen Spells

While wu jen are flexible arcane casters, their focus on the elements and the spirits make them less prone to voluminous tomes of spell books than san-li and provides a shorter list of spells available. However, they do research new spells and expand their lists from time to time, as relevant spells become available, and even beat the san-li to the punch from time to time, so new spells will be added from time to time.